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The Xooma CREW

The Xooma CREW

Join the CREW and take advantage of the power in numbers! The XoomaCREW is a large, independent group of Xooma Worldwide distributors, working together toward the common goals of it's members.

If you're considering becoming a Xooma distributor, we have some great news for you: Now you can build your organization with support from a CREW of like-minded people - all working the same business as you. 

You'll find building your Xooma business is much easier with comprehensive support. Success comes quicker, frustration levels are lower – and you'll have a lot more fun! 

And to help you get your Xooma home business off the ground, we've assembled an comprehensive marketing package for you, all presented at sign-up - and all at no additional cost whatsoever!


CREW Membership has it's privileges!

We all love something for nothing.  Now every new CREW Member receives a FREE Xooma CREW "Success Kit" upon registration as a Xooma Distributor.  You can register to become a Xooma distributor here.

Each Xooma CREW Success Kit provides exclusive, powerful, step-saving information, including:

  • FREE - Fully Automated Online Marketing System

  • FREE - 5 FREE Xooma Business Training Contacts

  • FREE - 10 FREE Sites That Can Make You MONEY in Xooma

  • FREE - 29 FREE Sites Designed to Help You Build Your Xooma Business

  • FREE - 12 Point Action Plan for Quick Success in Xooma

  • FREE - Business direction and one-on-one mentoring

  • And much more!

No other Xooma Sponsor comes close to providing this much support at sign-up!

XoomaCREW is Time Proven

**NOTE: This valuable package is available exclusively to CREW Members only – you won’t find it anywhere else! 

Also included in the XoomaCREW Success Kit is free set-up assistance of your "CREW" automated marketing system.

Becoming a member of the Xooma CREW Marketing Group is still absolutely free. Just join Xooma Worldwide as a distributor through this link. and you’ll be enrolled in the Xooma CREW - automatically.  

While you can become a Xooma Distributor with as little as a $25 product order, experience has proven: "small orders = small paycheques". 

We recommend starting with a "Package Deal" or an order of at least $100. Here's why: 

If everyone in your new business (yes, even you) invests at least $100 every month (it's very easy to do - the products are phenomenal) and then introduce the Xooma products to 4 like-minded friends, monthly products are covered in commissions. 

Then, when someone you personally sponsored buys something additional, you get 24% commission! And, because it's all backed by a 100% Guarantee, everyone's investment is covered. Now that's a safe way to start a business! 


No Inventory - No Large Investment - Proven Health Products - Proven Online Marketing Program

Find out more about the benefits of joining Xooma Worldwide
with the Xooma CREW Marketing Group here.
Download the Xooma Prosperity PayPlan (.pdf)
Xooma Business Overview Booklet (.pdf)
Get product info here. and here.
Contact the CREW here: info@xoomacrew.com
Order Xooma products here.

You can sign-up to become a Xooma distributor here.
For extra help, visit the XoomaCREW Business blog: http://XoomaCREW.blogspot.com

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